60 Parsecs

60 Parsecs is a comedic decision-making game in which you play as the commander of a group of survivors who have managed to escape their space station’s destruction. You must first gather the essentials for survival, such as soup, equipment, and expendable crew, and then jump aboard an escape shuttle to flee the blast as your station is destroyed.

You’ll have to figure out how to ration, build and repair equipment, and make decisions that will either save or destroy you during your trip. 60 Parsecs contains terrific writing and a lot of humour, which I appreciated. It’s somewhat difficult, but even a complete newbie like me can beat it.

Each day, you can ration soup, set objectives, make key decisions, and send expendable companions out on missions to fetch back supplies, among other things. Because the crew has a wide range of emotions, you must ensure that you manage them correctly in order to stay alive.

The main disadvantages are that, in terms of replayability, too many of the in-game events tend to repeat themselves, and the humour soon wears off when played for long periods of time. This isn’t to say that the game isn’t worth buying or playing; it just means that I’m becoming old and unpleasant.

After approximately three games, the fun begins to fade, however you can get more out of it if you play less frequently. It’s a nicely constructed, engaging game with a fair diversity of characters for a tiny game. The game gets a decent 6/10 from me.

Alex O’Neil

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