HEN the PEN on Animation

Whether it is 2D, 3D, cut-out or stop frame animation they all have to touch the audience in an attractive and informative way depending on the subject.
Start with an idea, develop it into a story and begin the storyboard sketches to present to the client.

This is when the blue print has to be locked down as any further changes after work has begun will become costly and push back the deadline. Style is also discussed, especially the best image to reflect the client’s message to a particular market. All these factors, including the time to create the finished media, are calculated into the costing.

The client can view the pencil sketches as a rough animation and at this stage can make a few minor changes. However once the project advances to the ink and colour stage it is then locked down and any changes will add to the budget.

There are several styles that can be used in 2D animation to express the required message, from simple black line drawings on a white background to full colour cinematic quality and everything in-between. It’s important to discuss this with the client to find their preference as this can affect creation time.

What I enjoy most about this particular art is the ability to add humour into the equation.

A fantasy world can be created, where anything can happen from talking animals to dancing graphic shapes. Colours can be intense or subdued and sounds can be used to emphasise the action. And drawing arms, legs, or an expressive face will bring life to an inanimate object. With just a few deft pencil strokes at 24 frames per second imagination can be expressed and realised.

Whether you’re making a feature or a flipbook, it’s cool to be an animator.

Hen Jach

HEN the PEN is a traditional 2D animator preferring pencil on paper drawings, which are scanned into a 2D animation programme with an output that supports various media files.