iDel Group – Are they a Good Company to Work For?

After one of my friends went through a horrible experience with iDel Group, I decided to look into the business practices of the company to see weather or not they were a good company to work for, and if the experience my friend had was just a one off.

iDel Group were established on the 2nd of February 2016, and are licenced carriers:

List of activities for Licenced Carriers as classified inside the UK SIC Code 53201

  • Courier activities (other than national post activities) licensed
  • Licensed carriers
  • Messenger licensed
  • Messenger service licensed
  • Parcels delivery service (not post office) licensed

The company aims to be a world class provider of delivery services with a commitment to delivering superior service to clients. However information and reviews from staff on Indeed seem to indicate that the company is NOT a good one to work for. Mainly referencing poor treatment of staff by management.

With reviews with titles like: “Avoid”, “Accuse you of stealing parcels”, “steal your concession bonus and dont give you work often”, “Stay well clear”, “Avoid like the plague” etc. they have racked up a staggering amount of 1 star reviews from past employees. As of writing this, they have 10 bad reviews to two good reviews which is concerning.

I did some digging on their testimonials, which were very interesting to me. As a web designer I’m very familiar with stock images, they have a very interesting look and feel, and within a few moments of searching, I found the testimonials from drivers to be stock images, indicating to me that the testimonials were not real here are two examples:
This is concerning, as to create fake testimonials (a form of review) is an act of fraud. The government recently cracked down on fake reviews to help protect people.

iDel Group have several poor reviews from ex staff on their Facebook as well. Their only positive one being related to the actions of a driver who works for the company. A scan of their website shows that despite the fact it has been live on the internet for three years, it has not gained any positive domain authority, which to me, for a busy delivery company is a red flag. Due to the reviews left by the company, the experience of my friend working there, (yes I am biased) I would say that before considering working with the company, people should really read the reviews on Indeed to ensure that they are getting a clear picture of what the company is actually like.

There are many cowboy businesses out there, companies that provide either a low quality of service or treat their staff horrendously. As a business owner myself, I find some of the reviews I have read to be very revealing about the quality of the service provided by management. Whenever you work with a business, you are entitled to respect and to be treated appropriately and afforded appropriate protections according to UK law.

To anyone who has had a bad experience with iDel Group, we recommend going to citizens advice in order to ensure that you are being treated fairly by their management team. You can find their site online by typing in iDel Group. I refuse to even give them a no-follow backlink!

Angela White

I am a motivational speaker and business consultant based in London.