More People Urged to take on Roles as Foster Parents

Across the nation, there is a growing need for additional fostering families to provide stable and caring homes for children in the care system.

Statistics from the Fostering Network indicate that an extra 610 foster families were required in the East of England in 2017.

According to the Department of Education, just in the past year, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk have seen 115 more children enter care than leave it.

Cheryl Jillions, Registered Manager at Little Acorns Fostering, passionately calls upon more families to consider fostering. Little Acorns actively recruits, trains, mentors, and supports foster parents. They collaborate closely with local authorities in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and neighboring regions, matching children with families that suit their unique needs.

She expresses, “We truly require more individuals to step forward. Children and young people in the region are in need of families that can provide them with loving and supportive environments.”

In her words, “For Every Negative Story, There Are Hundreds of Positive Ones. The media often highlights negative stories, which can deter people from considering fostering. However, for every negative story, there are hundreds of heartwarming ones. Children in care may carry a stigma due to their challenging backgrounds, but when a child transitions from a difficult situation to the care of a loving family, the transformation is truly remarkable.”

“These children deserve a chance. Often, they come from backgrounds of physical, sexual, and mental abuse. They need compassionate individuals to step forward and assist them. Our foster carers frequently express the satisfaction they derive from helping a child or young person achieve positive outcomes in life.”

“In the absence of more families stepping forward, more children may find themselves living far from their homes, schools, and friends. They can sometimes be separated from their siblings, which can negatively affect their well-being.”

“Foster families perform an incredible service. These individuals are extraordinary and make a valuable contribution to their communities. In simple terms, foster parents provide children with the upbringing they deserve, ultimately enabling them to become independent and positive as they transition into adulthood.”

Jillions concludes by assuring, “Foster Carers are supported every step of the way; they are not left to cope alone. Highly trained professionals, dedicated mentors, support groups, and access to our 24-hour helpline are available to assist them.”

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