No Man’s Sky Game Review

When it initially came out, No Man’s Sky took a really bad kicking from critics. There were many different complaints from horrendous bugs and glitchy gameplay and overall a generally poor user experience. Originally, because it was being pulverized from all different angles, I thought that avoiding it would be the best way to handle the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE space games. They are absolutely incredible, at least the ones I like, and I love the far reaching endless sandbox of space. Recently however, my brother got a copy of the game and enjoyed it so much that he got me one and from the start, I was completely hooked!

No Man’s Sky is undoubtedly one of the best science fiction games I have played. I give it a solid 8 out of 10, which is really high for me. Considering it’s battering on the original take off, No Man’s sky has evolved considerably, and in a very beautiful way over time. Glitches and bugs have been ironed out, though a few minor ones still remain. The game is now highly playable, very enjoyable, and I have loved playing it so much it’s interfered with my life and considering my usual level of discipline, (I stopped smoking and drinking coke on the same day!) I think it’s definitely something special.

The first time I boarded a derelict freighter, and felt the icy chill of the cold, uncaring and hostile environment, seeing weird green things floating around menacingly. It was an amazing experience. Later, on other derelicts, I found weird lifeforms and self defence systems that attacked me. It was beautiful. Gravity was out, and though I was glued to the floor by my magnetic boots, it was eerie seeing the floating objects and dull security lighting.

Base management and colony management started off quite fun for me, though ultimately whilst base management was well thought through, colony management was disappointing, but by comparison. Both of these two minigames are enjoyable, and it’s nice being the Sherriff in a one Gek town!

Racial selection is good. You can be the mercantile and previously ferocious Gek, the frog like Space Ferengi, the cool, calculating Korvax, a machine species integrating with the universe or the typically brutal Vy’keen. Racial choice doesn’t matter in No Man’s Sky because your stats are changed by upgrading your exosuit and your multitool. You also have a cool starship (you can own up to 6!) which you can fly around and do stuff with! There are several different types including the Fighter, the standard bread and butter of the game, that everyone loves to bits. The shuttle, which is an all rounder and has good starting cargo stats, the tough and reliable haulers who’s extra shielding helps keep them alive in dogfights and the explorer that allows you to traverse the galaxy in the wink of an eye. After that you get the supreme S class exotic ships which are a nice balance of all different stats and therefore my favorite. The exotics are good because they are like a properly balanced DND character. Much stronger than the minmaxes. Not to be confused with Minmax from Goblins. After that we have the living ships, which I havn’t bothered with. They seem like a bit of trouble to upkeep if they get damaged and I don’t like the idea of being reliant on weird alien goolies from beyond the stars used to repair things that can normally be easily synthesized in nature.

No Man’s Sky is a fantastic game that I highly recommend to everyone. I give a game a rating based on how much fun I had playing it. I usually love more complicated games, and No Man’s Sky hasn’t disappointed me yet. I absolutely love flying through the cosmos in my S Class Exotic to weird new planets and classifying thousands of species, flora, and rock formations. Shooting down the occasional humpasaurus sex that’s trying to eat me.

You can drive a starship, fight pirates, and blow them up at fast speeds if you want to. You can investigate abandoned buildings and try to figure out what happened to them. You can have your own capital ship and have less important individuals go on perilous missions for you so that you don’t have to. As for me, I prefer to simply pick a lovely planet and rest there. I’ve found a few really beautiful ones covered in amazing glowing flora. This game has everything. I’ve only played multiplayer once as I’m completely enamoured with the solo experience. I’d rather enjoy the game alone. Not that it’s a bad experience but I just prefer being away from people in such a beautiful game.

Overall, my time with No Man’s Sky has been fantastic, and I’ve logged a lot of hours with numerous characters. It has something for everyone, and despite the fact that some planets are quite similar and I’m definitely talking about the mushroom ones, I continue to discover new things no matter where I travel in the universe. However, considering how much I enjoy the game, what it is, the vast scope of what you can do, and how little it costs, especially if you purchase it on sale, there are a few aspects in the game that I believe might be improved. I give the game an excellent 8 out of 10 rating.

Alex O’Neil

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