Space Crew: Legendary Edition and Android Ambush

Space Crew is an interesting game which I have spent a reasonable time enjoying over the past week. From fighting cool and creepy aliens to annoying androids. Yes, I’m talking about you Comms Officer David!  To flushing your ex girlfriends out into space after calling a surprise meeting in the cargo bay then watching them suffocate in the inky black void, there are many things to enjoy about this cool space game.

As far as games go, it’s not too difficult to win, and playing through the game is an enjoyable and quite relaxing experience, until you get caught out in a neutrino storm that obliterates your crew and ship. Yeah, they’re worth avoiding! I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing both the game and the expansion. There are a number of things you can do to make the game easier, such as adding another Gunner, having an autoselect on enemies so you don’t need to tag them. It’s not worth changing the difficulty to make the game easier as you’ll probably have the best experience playing on the standard setting.

You play as the captain of a ship fighting against invasions by the Phasmids and the Androids, both which use vastly different ships which can be exceptionally annoying if you’re not paying attention. You’ll be shot at, boarded, have to go on rescue missions and survive against all odds in this action packed adventure.

The game is not overly challenging and can be completed by someone like me without too much trouble, though sadly you may find that at times it can feel a little grindy. With that little gripe aside, it offers numerous interesting scenarios as you engage in missions, and most of the bosses are interesting and intuitive.

You have five types of crew: Your captain controls and pilots the ship, using his abilities to increase evasion and keep enemies from shooting you up badly. Without the captain, the ship is a sitting duck. Next you have the engineer, who keeps the ship running, and risks their life on a daily basis. After that you have the comms officer who identifies incoming enemies, scans things and hacks enemy objects. Then you have the gunners who shoot incoming enemies, using their skills to improve damage and accuracy. Finally we have the security officer who jettisons enemies and ex girlfriends and is good in hand to hand fighting and keeping the shields up, has access to stealth technology that you will need in several situations and can also switch to be a gunner for more firepower. Each of them can be outfitted to fulfil a variety of tasks. You can name your crew except for the legendaries and rare crew you find, who have almost no difference to regular crew.

Now we get onto the best part! Space Crew is THE best game I’ve ever come across for advertising. You can write messages on the ship and import all your sponsors logos and graphics, ensuring that everyone knows who supports your faltering little YouTube Channel.

Overall, the game has been a wonderful experience, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Even if you lose… You can choose a new crew and get out there to show your enemies who’s boss! All in all a solid 7/10!

Alex O’Neil

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