The Importance Of Google My Business

Google My Business has become one of the most important ways of showing your business off to the world. From logos and images to customer reviews, GMB is fast becoming a no brainer for every savvy business owner.


Whether or not you have asked for it, if your business has been there for a while, you will have a presence on Google. People will most likely have left opinions and reviews and it’s something you really should capitalise on! If you haven’t added or claimed your business on Google, you should do so immediately!


For information on claiming or adding your business to Google, click here


The most important thing for your business is how you appear to others, and once you control your business account you can quickly add every bit of information possible and ensure that it is linking correctly to your website. 


Here Are The 4 Main Reasons You Should Have A GMB For Your Business!


1: Local Visibility.

The majority of potential customers you will have for your business will constantly use search engines in their day to day life. With the popularity of chrome on desktop and devices a huge number of these searches globally will be done on Google.


If you do not have or GMB listing, you will not appear in the search results, business listings or in Google Maps when people look for your business or businesses in your field. If you are not in control of it, it won’t be optimised to suit your brand identity. You will be missing out on hot business leads and in many cases sales. 


2: Promote Interactions With Customers And Show You Care!

When it comes to your local business listing, your customers will have the option available to leave a review for your business, rating your services and products and sharing their experiences with you. If you own and have a verified business panel, it puts you in a great position to respond to people who leave reviews, thanking people for positive ones and showing that you are willing to sort out and fix potential problems for negative ones. This is an essential part of customer service and absolutely vital if you care about and value your customers.


3: Controlling And Managing Your Business Information:

Nothing can cause damage to a business like having the wrong information on your business listing. When you have complete control over your Google My Business account, you have the ability to alter and fix inaccurate information. You can enter and control all aspects of your business details, your opening hours, your address, phone number and your website URL. Your updates will be fast and accurate and can be changed at any time if necessary!


A large amount of smartphone users utilise Google to look up business opening hours, so they can see when you are open, or looking for your address. Many also use Maps to find your business. Having the ability to be found easily in both these places will increase your customer’s ability to find you increasing your revenue from sales.


4: Advertising Your Business for Free!

Who doesn’t love free advertising! Considering the amount of money companies charge to put your ads out, dedicating a small amount of time to GMB can result in shedloads of cash for very little effort. Let’s say you own a bike shop, and someone searches for “bike shops” near them. You can start to show up in the search results under bike shops if you set it up in GMB. Other savvy business owners will be doing this, so they may already be there. If you aren’t there to beat them, you can’t compete with them!


Posting to Google My Business


I run over 10 Google My Business profiles for several different companies. Posting to these regularly has had positive results on their web rankings when I share their blogs, and great results when I have posted business related images. I highly recommend posting to Google My Business regularly. You can generally use the same or similar posts you are putting out on Facebook.


If you use a social media engine like Content Studio, you can post to Facebook, GMB and 3 other platforms of your choosing. It makes things extremely easy, and I use it for all my GMB posting. This product is currently on sale until the end of [todaysdate format= “F Y”]!


Blogging is vitally important to appearing on the web, so I would recommend sharing your blogs to Google My Business as well as your usual social media every time you complete one! It’s a great way to help you get found!




I have had exceptional results in utilising Google My Business to help my customers. It’s an effective way to get people into your business and contacting you and is fast becoming one of my favorite business tools due to its ease of use and its ability to absolutely smash any competition who can’t be bothered to use it. I highly recommend it.

Alex O’Neil

I am a blogger based in the UK. I work as an SEO specialist and Web Designer, and my hobbies include making small films and writing music.

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