How To Get Free Traffic To Your Facebook Page

Facebook sometimes seems like an uphill struggle. Your natural reach on posts always seems to be relatively low, especially on business pages, and it can cause frustration for many people using the platform.


One of the key methods of promoting your Facebook page is to pay Facebook for ads, but not all business owners, especially those just starting out will know how to effectively utilise these advertisements, and this can cause people to give up on the platform.


An easier way to progress with Facebook is to look in the search function for local buy and sell groups. These groups are absolutely invaluable, because you can join them either as your Facebook page or as your personal account.


Once you have found and joined these groups you should make a business post on your Facebook business page. This post is going to be one of four types of post.


1: A services post. This post will be some information about the services your business provides. These posts get low amounts of traffic, but they have been incredibly successful for getting in the right types of customers. Services posts are useful because they tell your potential customers exactly what services your company provides. This way people who are genuinely interested in your company will be likely to interact with these posts, and will usually net you the best followers to your page. These followers will be more likely to like posts you put up and support your business or become customers.


Attach a few business images to the post. This works best for restaurants and takeaways. Customers love real images relating to your business rather than stock images. 


2: An offer post. Offer posts can be great netting new customers. Many marketers will say that offers can be percentages, but when a customer does not know you or your business, as people outside your sphere of influence won’t, they are not going to be able to attribute a percentage value to your products. Let’s say you offer accountancy services. 30% off of your normal price isn’t going to mean much to anyone. If however you say something like: Special Offer: We will file your yearly micro business tax returns for only £150.00  That will be a lot more appealing. It’s a solid number people can relate to and compare to. They will think of other prices that relate.


It’s the same with food businesses, like Restaurants and Takeaways. Would you rather have 40% off of a Large Kebab, or would you like to order a Large Kebab for Only £6.00. When you think about how much companies would charge normally for the Kebab, £6.00 sounds enticing by comparison. Otherwise the jaded public will just expect the Kebab to be crazily expensive normally. Use real images where possible. Offer posts also are beneficial for getting customers to your business who will buy from you regularly. If you have a Tune in next week for another great offer, this will often increase people’s attentiveness to your posts. 


3: A competition post: Competitions have netted me some of the largest audiences ever, but sadly this tried and tested method is proving less and less effective. Competitions run on Facebook are usually run in a Like and Share format and have between 1 and 3 winners. Some companies will run offering things like vouchers, iPads, phones, etc when their businesses have nothing to do with this product. Avoid this like the plague. You want to offer something your business delivers so at least some of the interest might net you customers. There are rare exceptions to this, as it has been effective for some companies, but this is the exception rather than the rule.


If you run a restaurant, you can offer food, for example, a meal for two up to the value of £100.00 is always a killer success on Facebook! Use your own photos, and don’t use stock images EVER for this, otherwise you’re going to suffer bigtime! It’s important to always ensure to tag winners, so people know the competition is real. You should set up rules getting a picture of them standing with the Chef, and get permission to post that to social media as part of the rules. I recommend writing your rules on your website, and putting a link in the competition post which will follow the layout for the rules. I will attach some basic rules after the post so you can make your own easily! Please take the time to edit them to your specifications!


4: Quotes: I absolutely detest quotes because though they do quite well in the reactions and shares, they tend to bring in people not interested in your business. It can be useful if you get desperate but I wouldn’t recommend it.


When you’ve got interactions, go to your page, click on the number next to likes and reactions and invite everyone! I’d recommend looking at each profile and focusing on locals, as some people have friends all over the world, and you want to keep your business local!


There are a few things you should avoid in these kinds of posts:


Avoid all instances of using memes, photos, footage and music you do not have the right to. I have seen copyright strike many businesses down in my time, and though Spongebob, Squidward and Willy Wonka are all amazing characters, their copyrights should be respected or the Facebook Mafia will catch up with you. You have the complete responsibility for the things you post so be responsible and protect yourself.


Here’s my template for competitions: 


This Competition is being run by INSERT BUSINESS NAME HERE or by BUSINESS NAME on behalf of CLIENT. (This will be useful for people who want to have backlinks to their business or run it outside of their normal page. It’s good to have this page on the site as it’ll increase traffic from social media, adding value to your site when it comes to search engine results!) 


1: You must like our page and like and share the competition post from our page on Facebook. (This is important to get people involved. It also justifies inviting people to like your page!) 


2: You must be 18 or older to enter the competition. (This is a no-brainer. Legal issues may disqualify some people.) 


3: No prizes may be transferred or given away.  (Protect yourself! I’ve seen people give away all sorts on Facebook! We had to deal with one customer who split a competition prize between them and another person on a different day. It was a nightmare to get resolved! Best to stay safe) 


4: The winner of the competition will be contacted once the competition ends by a representative from INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE. Should the winner not respond within a week, a new winner will be chosen. (Contact should be tagged in a separate post so friends and family can see it for extra interactions! Message them on Facebook.)


5: Competition winners have 1 month in which to make a reservation if this is a restaurant competition as of the competition ending.  (Don’t have someone showing up 6 months later when you’re struggling. That has been a nightmare to deal with!) 


We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant we believe to be in breach of our rules. (You can now disqualify anyone for any reason should the need arise!)

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