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When you first start out building your website, it’s very hard to get your site to appear on a search engine. Due to the sheer amount of websites on the Internet and websites in your local area, which often feature many of the different things your company may sell, you will usually find yourself in a position where you are struggling to appear in search results. Competition is high locally, and you are going to have to fight to get your website seen by people. This doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible challenge by any means. It just requires grit, determination and a little time and effort.


If you’re starting out for the first time with your website it is very likely that you’ll be starting out with a new domain name which may never have been used before. This can lead to complications in being found locally by potential customers.


A domain which has existed previously with another owner will already have a huge network of backlinks most likely pointed to that domain and it will also be classified as an aged domain giving it value in search results, even if the website itself has little on it.


These aged domains are usually highly costly. If you already own a few websites, you can create some backlinks to support your new site, but in the case you don’t have other websites to link back from, you will definitely find yourself struggling.


Getting Found


When it comes to starting off your new website there are two ways in which you’re going to get found. The first of all is writing blogs. Blogs are articles that feature information potential users or customers may be looking for.


You will want to write at least 20 blogs of 750 words or more to put on your own site. These can be set to post on your social media. These can either be written by you or by someone who is an experienced blogger who can write effectively about your company and products. The best value blogging company we have found is with TextRoyal. They supply blogs to a number of my customers.


To find out more about writing blogs for your own website, you can click here for more information – In the article I go into depth on how to write a good blog that works for your business, and the information will help your guest blogs too! The second method to getting yourself found is to get Backlinks, and this is what we are going to build with guest blogs.


What are Backlinks?


Simply put, these are links that link back to your website allowing other people to find your business. There are two types of Backlinks. Dofollow and Nofollow. Whilst you will need to know a few things about these two kinds of backlink to do well, it’s not that important for guest blogging as it’s very rare that a guest blog won’t allow the necessary dofollow backlinks that will be the lifeblood and the foundations of your site.


At this point it’s very important to note that it will usually take around three months for your website to start appearing on search engines, regardless of the steps you may take to get found. Don’t worry about appearing immediately, just take your time, keep working on blogs and everything will work out. Patience and dedication are key.


Guest Blogging – The Most Reliable Backlinks


One of the easiest ways to increase your domain authority is to start by guest blogging. Guest blogging is a process in which you write a blog to be placed on somebody else’s website, rather than your own. The blog itself or your personal blogger profile contains a link back to your own website or to a specific related page on your site. This link is an endorsement that your website is a good website, and that your website is worth visiting.


Basically Google has a machine called a crawler which crawls all of the websites on the Internet. This crawler goes through each individual website and it looks through all of the different backlinks on the website. Every backlink that is marked as nofollow, the crawler ignores. These links are not endorsed by the person who owns the website. When the crawler finds a dofollow link, it recognises the website that is being crawled as one that endorses the link. Google and other search engines note that your website has value based upon this information and they raise your ranking because of it.


Writing a Guest Blog


Writing a guest blog is very different from writing a blog for your own company. The main reason being is that when you’re writing a guest blog instead, you have to research what your friend’s company actually does. In this case, you’re writing a blog not for yourself, but for them, so you’re going to need to know what they do.


One of the most recent guest blogs I’ve written is one for a roofing company where I talked about the weather in the local area and the damage it does to roofs along with information on asphalt shingle roofing. This was useful because the local information made the blog local so it would pick up local interest and have a better chance of appearing in local search engines. I also added information about shingle roofing, which is the service the company specialises in providing. 


Another blog I wrote was on building a website in Magento. I included information on the plugins used and how they integrated with the site. This was more of an informative blog so it didn’t get any localisation and was more of a prestige post for the company.


Both of these are subjects that I don’t really know much about however there is plentiful information on the Internet about these topics, so writing the blogs wasn’t hard. You can always ask your friends about their companies and topics you want to write about for them. They will be able to help you.


It often helps to write guest blogs for companies that are similar to yours so that you have a strong idea of the subject you are covering. Sometimes if you have a good grasp of the company that you’re writing the blog for and you have a good understanding of the services they provide and their products, it can be really easy to write a blog for them.


When writing your guest blog, the most important thing to remember is that whilst this may seem at the start like a pointless exercise as your website won’t see any immediate physical growth from it you will actually be expanding the support network backing up your website and setting a foundation in place for its future power.


The problem with this kind of thing taking months to set in stone is that often it feels almost futile to keep working on websites in this way. Believe me, I’ve done it for quite a long time over the past five years, but it is always worth it!


I’ve been blogging seriously on and off for companies of all sizes, and at the start it has always felt like a gigantic screaming impossible mountain that you have to climb, but despite that, once you reach the top and you start getting value from the back links that are coming back to you, you start to understand the power of guest blogging and what you’re actually achieving.


Guest blogging helps both you and your friends websites


In writing a good guest blog on your friends website which features information about their company, information about the local area, or anything that can be done to inform people about their company, you are creating something which is going to benefit your friends website as well as benefiting yours.


The keywords that appear in the blog will help your friends website to appear in local search results. Over time, this can help increase your friends website’s power to grow, which will also increase your own website’s power as the blog gains traction. If the blog is especially popular, the backlink from that post you have written will be really beneficial to you.


My marketing company has several blogs which people have written for me. These people all got in contact with me through my contact form and they asked me if they could write a guest blog for the website. I accepted their offer to write blogs for me, and they get quite a few views every single month, which is great and it also increases the power on their website, as well as mine! With guest blogging everybody wins!


Writing a blog can sometimes be hard and complicated and it can be very frustrating when you’re not appearing immediately on Google. All that I can recommend is to keep going and keep working at it. It’s not hard to write one blog a day. Usually I am writing 2 to 5 as well as running a company. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.


However you choose to approach blog writing and guest blogging, the most important thing to remember is that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Eventually your work is going to be seen by people. It’s just one of those things where you’re going to have to climb this mountain and have the patience to wait for the results.


It usually takes about five or six guest blogs on different websites that have been there for a while to start getting power behind your website. Now if you take into account that a decent size blog is around 750 words per blog, this is only going to take you a couple of hours, so it’s well worth the time.


If you have some knowledge about the articles that you’re writing, at an average writing speed of 50 words per minute it takes 15 minutes to write a 750 word blog. It will be a little slower usually though. 


If you would rather hire someone, we recommend TextRoyal who are extremely cost effective blog writers and well worth the money.


Getting Started


The best way to get started is to contact your friends. Give them a ring or shoot them a message on Facebook or send them an email. Tell them about guest blogging and offer to write one for their website. If they want they can also write one for you. This way you mutually benefit each other.


Feel free to send them to this article or our article on local blogging for more information! 


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