Publish0x – a Crypto Blogging Site

Imagine if I told you there was a way you could earn money by reading or writing articles online on the same website? Sometimes it’s the case where bloggers can be paid to submit articles to websites for money, but it’s usually a rare case that people can earn money by engaging actively with content.

What’s the catch?

It’s cryptocurrency.

If you’re anything like me that’s not a catch, it’s a great innovation, and one which must be enjoyed! I’ll go into depth on Publish0x and some of the amazing things this platform can offer you in a minute, but if you’re already interested, here’s an affiliate link to save time!

It can be hard for bloggers to make money online. I spend a lot of my time writing blogs and so do many of the people I know, that’s why it’s refreshing to find a site where you can benefit financially as a creator or as a reader.

Publish0x is a blogging site where you can be paid for the time you spend reading or writing articles in a number of different cryptocurrencies, which can vary depending on the situation.

At the bottom of each article there is a tip feature. Tips come from a reward pool sponsored by Publish0x currently and are received by both the reader and the writer, so you are paid for reading or writing an article. The reader can choose to pay up to 80% of the tip to the writer or keep up to 80% of the tip themselves. So both parties win and benefit!

Publish0X recommends that you have a wallet for your rewards rather than relying on an exchange like Coinbase which I usually use.

They recommend MyCrypto but I personally use Metamask. Both are good wallets but I prefer the foxy look of Metamask because I am weird.

So what content can I publish on Publish0x?

The majority of people on the Publish0x platform seem to post about Cryptocurrency. It’s the big deal and what gets all us cryptomaniacs fired up! However… You can blog about anything on the platform from Science to Entertainment to Comedy. There is a lot to read about and much to discover, so weather you’re a writer or a reader, there’s a lot of good stuff on the platform.

Spinners Don’t Win

Spun content is not allowed on Publish0x, everything has to be original content. Quality is important and will lead to more tips more sharing and overall better results. You can however share content you’ve published before on other sites, if of course, you can prove you’re you…

What do I think?

As a blogger, I like the platform. I run my own websites and my own blogs, however nothing is quite as powerful as having a blog where people come together collaboratively. The power that gives a single site is terrifying compared to running your own blog, because other people are always pushing the site forwards in their niches, allowing for the platform to grow and pick up followers everywhere.

I think that it’s a great idea and if you’re interested in being paid to write or read content, it’s a good place to go. Most of the stuff I’ve read on there is pretty decent, and I go there to keep informed about shifting in the crypto markets so I can then research what people are talking about!

The Advantages of Publish0x

  • Your content is likely to be found by people who want to read it.
  • Readers are likely to tip you so you don’t have to rely on ad revenue.
  • They also get paid for tipping which is an added incentive!
  • You are allowed to use Affiliate links as long as you don’t overdo it.
  • You don’t have to pay for hosting if you’re a writer.

The Disadvantage of Publish0x

The only disadvantage I can really think of is that it’s not your own website, and therefore you cannot earn ad revenue like you normally would. It’s cryptocurrency based rather than regular money. To, sum it all up, this is a fantastic platform and a great opportunity. If you’re a student blogger that doesn’t want to invest in your own website, then this could be the platform for you. If you’re interested in reading thoughtful content on almost any subject there will be something on the site for you. As for me, it’s all about crypto.

I like earning it anyway I can, and this site is fantastic!

If you made it to the end, appreciate the content and think this might be for you, here’s my affiliate link again!

Alex O’Neil

I am a blogger based in the UK. I work as an SEO specialist and Web Designer, and my hobbies include making small films and writing music.