Passivedrip, A Crypto Faucet – How it Works

Passivedrip is a crypto faucet that rewards users for accomplishing tasks within the platform with small amounts of money which are translated into cryptocurrency when one withdraws from the platform: Click here now to sign up free to try it out! The platform features everything one could need to make money online with very little effort. You start off earning merely pennies at first, but in time, if you put the effort in, you can end up earning a lot from the platform.

In this article I will be explaining exactly how the platform works and going into depth on everything it does. I will also provide some tips on how to grow your account quickly through Passivedrip!


Faucet Tokens and Coins

In order to understand how the economy works, we have to understand the system. Faucet Tokens are your main reward for accomplishing tasks on the platform. These tokens can be earned both actively and passively in a variety of ways.

  • Token To Coin: 25 Tokens to 1 Coin
  • Coin Value: Approximately 15 coins to $0.01

This equates to around 37500 Tokens or 1500 Coins to $1

When starting out, it might seem like a nightmare, however, it’s not that hard to turn things around and start making money online from Passivedrip.

Affiliate System

If you are an affiliate marketer, Passivedrip offers a nice downstream. What this means is that when you sign someone up for the platform through your referral link, you will receive a small amount of profit from the system whenever they make Tokens, and you will also make money from people they sign up. You need to log in once daily in order to make money from the people you sign up. This can be surprisingly easy if you use their inbuilt advertising system.

Drip Passive Income On Autopilot

Advertising System

Pasivedrip has a cheap and effective advertising system which allows you to put out advertisements across a wide range of platforms. Effectiveness of the adverts relies on the advertiser having an understanding of the most cost effective way to run advertisements. For Passivedrip, I strongly recommend running cost per click banner ads, and paying for the 500 click options. This will get you the best bang for your buck. My impressions are crazy, and they’ve always outlasted the time and impression ads. You can use the platform to advertise your referral links, which I do, to ensure you are getting a good return on investment.

Buying Referrals

Another way to get referrals on the platform is buying referrals directly. The platform ensures that the referrals are active by qualifying them as an active member before it sells them to you. Only referrals that don’t sign up through the ref-links are purchasable from the platform. It’s a good way to get started and I already make a decent trickle of cash from my bought referrals.

User Level

Based on how much you use the claim function, you earn more rewards from Passivedrip, so an actively maintained account can start earning a lot more from it. I prefer using manual claims on my tokens so I can control things regularly. It also ensures that I log into the platform regularly and don’t miss out from my downstream.

Level 1 0 claims x1.00
Level 2 100 claims x1.10
Level 3 1,000 claims x1.20
Level 4 5,000 claims x1.30
Level 5 10,000 claims x1.40
Level 6 20,000 claims x1.50
Level 7 35,000 claims x1.60
Level 8 60,000 claims x1.70
Level 9 100,000 claims x1.80

So asides from the Affiliate side, what can you actually do on the platform?

CPU Mining

I’m doing CPU Mining through Passivedrip as I write this blog! It’s only ever as intensive as you want it to be. I’ve tested it out against Unmineable, and the results are not that different, and being browser based, you don’t have to worry about downloading mining software, which has been known to mess up some computers. Whenever I am blogging, sleeping, or doing anything asides from gaming I run CPU Mining. (I know GPU Mining is better, but this is a great free alternative.)

If you are interested in trying out this feature, it’s important to know a few things. Firstly, open your search and type in dxdiag, an .exe file will appear. Take a note of the CPUs. These are your cores. My computer can run 16 CPUs. With a CPU to thread ratio of 1:2 which is normal. That means I can theoretically run 32 Threads at once. I will usually keep 2-4 CPUs free so I can do other things. It’s important to leave 2 cores free so you can ensure the running of your browser. I don’t recommend putting the speed over 90%. It’s always important to leave some leeway and not to overtax your computer.

CPU Mining is a slow burner, but it is a nice way of supplementing your income.

Bonus Roll

Every 1.5 hours you will get a bonus roll on the platform. This allows you to roll to claim additional tokens. I’ve been fairly lucky in some of my rolls, though usually they tend to be quite low. Still, for a free lottery, it’s worth it.

Visit Shortlinks

Visiting shortlinks on Passivedrip is a task where you click on a link, wait for the platform to load a link in your browser and click on it. There are times when shortlinks will not load correctly and you won’t get rewarded, but this is a problem with most faucet platforms.

View Ads

Slightly more reliable than visiting shortlinks, you can view ads on the platform in order to earn tokens.


Tasks on the platform have the ability to net yourself a nice chunk of either tokens or coins based on the task at hand. Complete the task exactly how it’s set, and you will receive a sizeable chunk of tokens/coins based on who you perform the task for.


Jobs on the platform work in much the same way as tasks, though tend to pay out a lot less.

Other Options

There are a few other options to earn on the platform but I’ll keep those a secret, if you want to learn more, sign up now by clicking here!

The platform requires you to accumulate a minimum amount of coins before you can cash out, which promotes people to actively use the platform, rather than seeing it as a passing fancy. Passivedrip can be a nice supplement to your income if you take the time to learn how it works and get your affiliate links out there, pushing it forward throughout the internet.


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