Recruitment – How Psychometric Testing can help when hiring Remote Workers

Many people are working from home due of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many issues arise as a result of the abrupt mass movement of employees from their principal office-based jobs to their homes. While technology allows workers to perform their assigned roles from their home offices, the psychological impact on people working alone from their home offices must be taken into account while recruiting.

Successful Homeworker Characteristics

Working alone from home is not for everyone. While some personality types flourish in job circumstances where they can work from home, others prefer to work in an office setting. It’s natural that some people work better as a team and in an environment with other like minded staff, whereas some are better ‘lone wolves’ who focus better when they’re not held back by office noise.

Self-motivation is at the top of the list of qualities that successful home workers possess. A strong entrepreneurial drive motivates many successful home workers. They don’t require guidance and are content to accept responsibility for their actions. They don’t need to be micromanaged and are forward thinking, allowing them to produce great results when they are in an environment without interference.

Excellent communication skills are another requirement for successful home working. Because face-to-face meetings are rare, most communication between home offices takes place via email, phone, online chat applications and video conferencing. As a result, effective written and vocal communication skills are required for a successful working relationship!

An IT department, which is responsible for the firm network and all areas of information security, is commonly available to office workers. When their computer crashes or they can’t connect to the internet, home employees don’t have access to IT professionals. As a result, homeworkers must have the expertise and confidence to manage their IT demands and maintain data protection. At DragonTech IT Services INC, we provide remote IT services and work with many different companies, both locally and globally. For more information on the benefits of remote IT Services, I wrote an earlier blog on them.

For remote workers, the capacity to work freely and self-evaluate is extremely vital. Due of the lack of external input, homeworkers must critically evaluate their own work and be constantly on the lookout for methods to enhance efficiency.

Psychometric Testing for Telecommuters

The assessment of the attributes required for success in this new working paradigm is required for recruitment into the realm of remote working. Psychometric testing and evaluation can be used to identify whether potential applicants possess the abilities, attitudes, and characteristics required.

Behaviour tests reveal a person’s skills, shortcomings, and limitations in great detail. Assessments will look at their communication style, what inspires them, and what they are afraid of. These assessments will help indicate how they react under pressure and how they will deal with some of the common issues that come with working from home.

Aptitude tests go into the practical abilities required to operate remotely successfully. These kinds of tests assess a person’s reasoning abilities, numeracy, language skills, and spatial visualisation abilities. Remote working aptitude testing should guarantee that they have the skills required to operate remotely, such as certain IT skills, which always come in handy when working from a home environment.

A workplace personality assessment looks at a person’s appropriateness for a certain job. It’s critical to identify whether remote workers have the appropriate personality attributes to work cheerfully and productively with no supervision or support.

Psychometric Testing’s Advantages for Homeworkers

The most major advantage of employing psychometric assessments and tests when hiring for remote working positions is the ability to identify and select applicants who will thrive in this setting.

Many people aren’t naturally entrepreneurial or self-motivated. They may require constant supervision and direction, which makes them unsuitable for distant work.

For successful remote working, excellent communication skills are required, and psychometric exam will reveal these. It will ensure that anyone shortlisted for a remote working position possesses good written and verbal communication skills, which are essential for remote working success.

Candidates should be tested on their technical IT skills in order to set up and use the necessary hardware and software for remote working. The assessment will also help them identify any training they’ll need during their onboarding process to ensure data security and statutory compliance.

A psychometric personality test will reveal whether or not a person is capable of functioning alone. It will also confirm that they are able to effectively self-evaluate and look for ways to enhance efficiencies and the quality of their work on a regular basis.

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