An SEO Specialist has emailed me! What do I do?

It is always a concern when you get an email showing up in your inbox from an SEO specialist warning you about problems on your website. Before you panic, this is common and there are two simple facts you need to be aware of.


Fact 1: This email is probably a bot email, sent out to a massive emailing list.


Fact 2: This person probably isn’t very good at what they do.


So how can we establish these facts are correct? Well firstly look at your email. The email is probably medium length to long – but it’s not direct, and it doesn’t address anything in very specific detail. Anything that is addressed in specific detail is out of place with the way the rest of the email is worded. Emails have been steadily decreasing in their efficiency as a way to contact businesses due to the sheer masses of junk and spam. If someone had indeed found your website and found errors, the chance of them getting in touch via email would be microscopic at best, and the email would usually be brief.


Secondly, analyse the email. Is it a company email, or is it a normal email provider like hotmail, live, outlook, gmail, etc. If it is a company email, it could be from a legitimate company but it is still probably a bot spam email. The email in most cases will not mention the person’s company. It may even have an unsubscribe function at the bottom of the mail showing you have ended up on an emailing list.


People who tend to be good at what they do in the SEO game generally don’t email other people as it’s a massive waste of time. We tend to sit in our lairs building our domain authority and waiting for people to come to us, and occasionally putting out adverts on Google and Facebook if people aren’t coming in regularly. I don’t have to put out adverts for SEO, because people know I can do it because I outrank my competition when they look locally for SEO specialists.


It’s always a red flag when someone emails you and they don’t drop their company name in regularly. Branding is everything and we at Fantasoft can ensure you that you will definitely get the name whenever we can cram it onto the screen. A person without a proud company name is usually a cowboy, and they will most likely botch their work on your website. Fantasoft wouldn’t though, you can trust me – I write blogs, and I sit on top of my giant blog pile roaring like a dragon as the money and customers roll in! But, joking aside, I wouldn’t want someone writing bad things about my company, so when I mention it, I do so with pride. People who are afraid to be open and honest with you are people best avoided.


Another glorious red flag is for the email to have someone’s name in the address or have the email come from a specific name, but be signed at the bottom with a different name. This is a definite red flag and should be avoided. 


Yet another amazing red flag is when people say they were looking through your site and noticed you didn’t have any SEO. This is the most crazily ridiculous thing I have ever seen in an email because of one tiny thing: If your site SEO is so terrible and useless, how did the specialist find you? Are they the new Douglas Adams? Is this email the new Hitchhiker’s Guide? 


Site SEO is important and it does make a difference. Having a strong web presence will allow you to beat your competition without having to pay for ads. Fantasoft is a weird name for a marketing company yet I show up under restaurants, SEO, and in all manner of places for a nice variety of relevant search terms. I also make some nice money out of it too as I’ve put in the work and my customers can come to me. Fantasoft has nothing to do with these search terms though. Fantasoft is named after a game making company I loved as a kid. This company also has a huge amount of web presence, which I have had to overcome through my SEO skill. 


The thing about SEO is that it is not some magical, mythical beast that needs to be tamed with years of skill. It’s a mildly boring process that anyone given a few hours solid graft and research can achieve. SEO is a useful key to being successful and worth a bit of time, but you should check out your local marketing companies. Usually the best one will appear at the top of the search results under the ads competing for customers. You want someone who’s merits outshine the competition without search engine bribery which can be bought. 


Or you can head over to Fantasoft and get in touch with me. You found this blog, so you know I can do it!


Alex O’Neil

I am a blogger based in the UK. I work as an SEO specialist and Web Designer, and my hobbies include making small films and writing music.