Crank Out AI

Crank Out AI is an all in one AI Creator’s Platform which allows you to get a lot of mileage even out of the free demo account you get when you sign up!

A fully inclusive AI tool, Crank Out AI does a lot of things, and they can be done really well based on a little trial and error.

Article Wizard:

The Article Wizard is probably the hardest of the tools to get to grips with. It writes based upon input, so the more effort you put into learning how it functions (a lot of trial and error for me!) the more effective it becomes as a tool. After a few catastrophic failures on my part, I have managed to get some great articles out of it. These should still be proof-read, just to make sure the AI hasn’t left things out or has completely missed the point. It is, after all, our job to ensure we deliver quality content. It also features a Smart Editor and AI Rewriter which are fairly effective, and allow for you to improve on your own articles!

AI Images:

This is where I really enjoy the platform. I’ve been a fan of Midjourney for a long time, but having image creation at my fingertips as part of a different package is really useful, and means I don’t have to go through the clunky interface on Discord where other people can easily access and use images I want to use for my own creative projects. I really love the feature, and whilst it can, as with most modern AI tools be a little hit and miss, you can get a lot of good content out of it. The image for this blog was made with Crank Out AI, as was this beauty!

AI Voices

Whist I personally like the AI voices, Crank Out AI doesn’t create exceptional voices that sound human, however if you want AI voice overs in a pinch, the platform does have this capacity, and it’s not bad compared to some of the ones I’ve heard!


AI Chat and Web Chat Features

The AI Chat and Web Chat are not the worst I’ve seen, they’ve got a lot of potential if one wants to use them. Personally I would avoid using AI Webchat for your business if you’re interested. You can try them out in the demo version and see if they’re right for you.

There are quite a few other tools and the platform is in it’s infancy. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in. The code feature is pretty cool, though requires a lot of edits and direct, simple instructions to get a result.

To sign up for a free account to try the platform out: click here!

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