Get Ranked on Google with Two Simple and Easy Tricks!

Today I’m going to share a secret with you that anyone who owns a website can do, it’s quick and it’s easy, and it won’t take you much effort. It’s simple, easy and effective and will make everything much easier for you! If you spend the next five minutes reading this content, it can help your website traffic, save you time and money, and help you rank more efficiently and easily than almost any other ranking strategy if you don’t have the time to churn out constant content.


This will work for every single business or every single website imaginable. 


Let’s Begin!


One of the biggest mistakes most people have had a website built for them make is that they look at the website, it’s complete and they say: “Ok, that’s a great site! It represents me and my business, That’s all I need.” This is a huge problem no matter how much optimisation you’ve done on the website if it is not updated regularly you’re going to find out that you don’t gain in ranking past a certain point, your site stays in a low position on Google, and you will find that your visitors to the site never seem to increase, and more likely over time will even decrease as a result.


One of the main ranking factors that Google has in place is an algorithm that measures the freshness of your content. What that means is any content that is newly added to the website, such as a blog or a new page with additional services, or when current content is updated, will give your website a higher chance of ranking in google.


This is where what I would call “Slow Creep SEO” can come in handy.


So what is a slow creep SEO? Think of your website as being like a tree. A bonsai tree would be a good example. A bonsai tree needs a lot of careful pruning in order to make sure that it looks and has a nice feel to it. This requires time, care and attention. The website does not need as much time care and attention as a bonsai tree, but the results can be spectacular with very little effort. 


Slow creep SEO is a process where you work at ensuring that your content is always up to date and stays relevant, and you make minor adjustments to the site and pages on the site every month to ensure your site grows like a beautiful tree and doesn’t stay stagnant and rot. In ranking terms, this would mean your site drops off the face of search engines if you don’t keep it current, up to date and relevant.


All you have to do is follow two simple principals once per month in order to achieve website growth and ensure that your site climbs the search engines rather than sinks into the quagmire.


1: Add 1 Blog Per Month


Writing a blog about your business once per month is a really useful way to get your site ranking in google. I always recommend to every single one of my clients that they should write at least one blog per month. By adding a blog post every single month this will tell Google and other search engines that your website is an active website and that you are working on maintaining it and increasing the amount of content on it so that it provides relevant data and information for your customers.


If you are interested in learning more about writing blogs, click here, if not, 750 words with local keywords and your town or city name is a great way to get you ranking locally. This should take at maximum one hour every month, and can pay dividends, even though sometimes it takes months for blogs to rank at first. 


2: Update Content


Once per month, or if you feel like it twice a month, have a little look through all of the pages on your website. Find a specific page that could have its content updated and increase the content by at least one paragraph possibly even adding an image to the content in order to keep people reading the page. This will show that your site is maintaining itself and keeping up-to-date regularly. Images added to content can also reduce bounce rate as readers do love content with visuals. 


One of the biggest ranking factors with websites is the amount of keywords on your website so it’s important to keep the information that you’re adding relevant to either the page which you’re writing about all the company which you run. Add more information about the topics you are covering which will automatically increase the power of your blogs.


Advanced Slow Creep SEO


The very simple things that I have just taught you will help you a lot when making sure that your website stands out on Google and other search engines. You don’t really need to do anything else in order to make sure that your site ranks… However…


There is one last thing that you can do in order to keep your content ranking high and relevant.


Most websites have a tool installed on them called Google analytics. If you haven’t got Google analytics on your website, I would highly and I would highly recommend that you consider investing in it. This tool is invaluable for telling you which content is good to add to, or which content is doing well. 


What you need to do is look at what pages your users visit on your account. I personally like looking at the last 90 days of a report although for all the sites I would recommend at least looking at the last 12 months to see which of your pages are currently getting views and which of your pages are ranking.


You will probably notice that there are a large number of blogs on your site that are not ranking and I’m not getting page views. My recommendation to you is to go to these blogs specifically, and update them. You can leave the ones that are doing well, as they are doing their job, and we don’t want to mess with that.


Make sure that you provide new up-to-date and relevant information to blog pages that aren’t doing well, and then publish the updated blog. 250 words is usually enough but my personal recommendation is around 500 new words, adding fringe information.


Fringe information is relevant information that sits on the fringes of the topics you are discussing. Later in this blog for instance, I have added a small amount of information about backlinks as a ranking factor, this may help this particular article rank because it dilutes the clustered keywords like SEO and blog that I am using, but also provides relevant and useful information. (Keywords used too often will penalise you.) 


Feel free to keep the date of the blog at the same date it was originally published because Google when it crawls the website will detect that there has been a change to the blog. This will mean that the content has been updated according to Google and it will have a higher chance of ranking.


If you add just 250 words to your blogs and consistently do that for blogs which are not ranking eventually they will start to rank for something. It doesn’t take a lot of time to write 250 words. If, like me you use dictation to write blogs, You can literally churn out content really really quickly so you don’t even need to worry about things being complicated, or it being hard to write. All you need to do is just go back, trim your blog and tune it and make sure that all of the content that you’re producing is entirely relevant.


Why Use Slow Creep SEO?


One of the ranking factors people mostly go on about when it comes to getting a website ranked is backlinks. Backlinks are an annoying method of getting your website to rank and unnatural backlinks are generally quite bad. If you create good content and update it regularly on your website you’re going to eventually pick up good backlinks over time which will help you. But the thing is backlinks can disappear at any time when a website disappears from the web and you can lose a lot of the power that you’ve gained from them.


If you consistently work on improving your site and improving your business showing people that you constantly work on your business and make sure that your website is churning out content consistently over time you are going to start ranking higher in Google search results. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work for a while. It takes time to grow a website and dedication. My first site did terribly and it took me a long time to get ranked. One lucky blog was all it took to get me up. It was then I started learning about SEO to the point where I can comfortably and reliably sell it as a business service.


Slow Creep SEO Is The Best White Hat Ranking Strategy For Small Business Owners


There are thousands of black hat techniques used by marketers across the Internet to increase your website ranking to increase your social media followers and generally increase your presence. These factors do not always work, they can be detrimental to your website, they can overtime destroy your business.


Adding to the content of your website constantly, and ensuring it is updated regularly Is a surefire way of increasing the keywords on your pages, increasing the content and ranking of your site, making sure that you stay relevant. 


Alex O’Neil

I am a blogger based in the UK. I work as an SEO specialist and Web Designer, and my hobbies include making small films and writing music.

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